Welcome in the energy of Soir de Semaine

Hello Fans.
We are in production mode for third album.

Next gigs:
July 17 – Arts in the Park – Whitehorse, 12:00
August 9-10 – Augusto Children’s Festival – Haines Junction, Yukon
August 28 – MacBride Museum – Whitehorse – 7pm

“Soir de Semaine is the single-most energetic and versatile band that a presenter can add to their line up. Their performances are not only memorable and crowd-rousing, but they feature incredible musicianship, and excellent and thoughtful songwriting. Audiences of all ages love Soir de Semaine and their performances are as suitable for one o’clock in the morning as they are for one o’clock in the afternoon”.                                                           -Angela Drainville   Atlin Arts & Music Festival Producer/Artistic Director.








Wow What a party!
Thx for coming out or you maybe missed this year’s best event!


















New SdS logo with our Superhero Chicken Fidadoo.







A speacial moment with Soir de Semaine.













Alain in Weird dress at Epic Pizza!












Photo Credit: AFY & Patrick Chaussé





Here’s the link of the documentary Carte de Visite on Pascal St-Laurent and Soir de Semaine on channel TFO.
Click on link to check video.