Facebook twitter google+ emailLDV has unveiled a plush electric MPV rival to the Volkswagen Caravelle at the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show LDV has used the 2017 Commercial Vehicle show at the NEC in Birmingham to reveal the EG10, an upmarket passenger carrying version of its G10 panel van with a 150kw all electric powertrain.The 7 seat EG10 will be offered in Flagship and Elite guises and comes with a high specification that includes a rail based seating system, a 7″ touchscreen infotainment and navigation set up, parking sensors, two sliding side doors and a 6 way adjustable driver’s seat. The best MPVs on the marketImage 5 of 13LDV’s electric powertrain is mated to a six speed automatic gearbox and delivers 150kw peak power along with a muscular 800Nm of torque. 0 62mph acceleration for the 5,168mm vehicle is said to be under 14s and the maximum range is over 100 miles.

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