Title Fight at Cohen Commission: Morton vs. Industry Government JuggernautYesterday, on the penultimate day of the Cohen Commission hearings on aquaculture and diseases, Alexandra Morton finally took the stand. To say the event lived up to its billing is an understatement, as the Inquiry often characterized by technocratic tedium was jolted to life in its final rounds.At the heart of the conflict lay the pattern of breathtaking industry government collusion and secrecy that has characterized the aquaculture issue for decades to a degree even I didn fully fathom until now.Joining Morton and Living Oceans Society Catherine Stewart acquitted herself admirably on the stand were two industry reps: Clare Backman, Director of Sustainability for Marine Harvest there an oxymoron and Mia Parker, formerly of Grieg Seafoods, but now of DFO.The Commission lawyer introduced Ms.

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wholesale n95 mask I had stated that I would not post anonymous postings. Did Mr. This will be an honest and fair site. At the mouth of Kluatanton River, the first major tributary to the Skeena, we saw Atrum Coal’s exploration camp. This company is proposing a potential strip mine for coal on both sides of the Skeena River. After receiving no indication from Fortune Minerals that they would back down and now flying over a second coal mine camp the urgent need for protection of the Sacred Headwaters was all too obvious wholesale n95 mask.