We were told that Freddy never after returning from the Viet Nam war. He lives off of a modest monthly trust administered by the health department of which he gives away to his fellow street people. We hope that he is well.. The catalyst for stepping out of what had become a ‘fur lined rut’ and starting the Rare Tea Company, though, is more poignant. ‘My father was about to retire. He had a host of plans and dreams that he’d saved up, but then he was diagnosed with cancer and died within three months.

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Friends, I am enjoying a short vacation in Valparai and surrounding areas. So I drafted these recipes in advance and posting them here. I may not be able to respond to your mails and queries quickly. The yesteryear actor, gorgeous looking Kanchana, is spending all her time in spiritual pursuits these days. She hardly watches films of this generation and says everything about this world has become fast track, be it food or films. In a relaxed mood in Chennai, the actor gets nostalgic: were selected on the basis of form, figure and acting capability and the films would run for more than a year.