Replica Handbags Replica Handbags Oilers d man Kris Russell now faces an extremely difficult moment with Filppula charging full speed down the central slot with the puck, and his Flyers teammate Wayne Simmonds moving in to shoot. On a normal two on one, Russell’s job is to take away the pass, but this isn’t normal, given that Filppula, having beaten Lucic and Larsson, is wide open to cut into the middle or charge to the net, whatever he chooses. Russell must try to block him, while also trying to stretch to take away the passing lane. In that moment, Filppula charges around him and slides the puck to Simmonds who scores. Oilers fans will blame or not blame Russell on this play based on their bias for or against this player, I suspect. I see Russell as partially responsible for the goal against, but Larsson and especially Lucic as the main culprits. Lucic’s error here is about as severe as they come, as it relates to effort, intensity and misreading the play in a key defensive moment.

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