still time to make a baby in 2011

The Daily Beast reports that the most commonly shared birthday nationwide is September 16th. Canada Goose online Do the math and this will lead you canada goose uk shop to the month of December being the most dangerous, if you as canada goose factory sale old as me, or the Canada Goose sale most promising, time of the year to have sex. happen in December. Before we jump canada goose coats to the conclusion that this is wholly attributed canada goose uk black friday to Canada Goose Parka Christmas and New Year hedonism/frivolity, or perhaps, simply, more dark hours in a day to kill, scientists have been searching, they are canada goose uk outlet always searching, for a more explanation.

And here is what cheap Canada Goose they came up with.

The article offers up numerous, knew, and a few cares moments in the form of 15 different research revelations regarding the where, when, how, why, how hot, how not, and how cheap Canada Goose Coats effective, aspects of sex.


4. When the tax benefits of having a child are increased canada goose by $500, the probability of that child being conceived so as to be born canada goose store during the last week of December rises by 27 percent. (Having been born on December 20th, I don think I imagining that I heard the words write off a lot growing up.)

7. Sunday is the least popular day for sex; Friday and Saturday are 18 percent more popular. (All I can say to this one is if it weren for Sundays Men and women facing job insecurity are 53 and 47 percent more likely, respectively, to experience low sexual desire than men and women not facing job insecurity.

13. Eighty three percent of Americans rate rainy days and nights as the best time to have sex.

How many of you have conceived a baby in December? Did you give any thought to your baby birth date before you conceived? Any guess as to why people are less likely to have sex on Sundays?

Lizzy (birthday September 4) was almost certainly conceived during the windstorm that knocked power out all over the uk canada goose outlet Seattle area for an average of a week in December of 2006. There was such a uk canada goose local surge in the birth rate that first weekend of September 2007 that we had to call ahead for our planned C Section to make sure they had enough beds.

Abby (December 10) has been referred to as Little Tax Break and it is generally acknowledged that canada goose coats on sale she was buy canada goose jacket most likely conceived one blustery March morning.

Apparently I should start singing Weather at this point.

This is our first month trying, so if Canada Goose Online we lucky the baby will be due around Sept 15.

cwm (8), a December baby is considered a tax break because you get to claim the baby as a dependent on your tax return for an extra year, resulting in more savings. For example, canadian goose jacket if your child is born on January 1, 2012, then you can canada goose clearance claim the deduction on your cheap canada goose uk 2012 tax return. Canada Goose Jackets But if the baby is buy canada goose jacket cheap born on Dec 31, 2011, then you can claim the deduction on both the 2011 and 2012 tax returns, even though it a difference of only one Canada Goose Coats On Sale day. At least, I think that canada goose black friday sale how it works.

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