Like she used to give one of our coworkers a ride home, and I witnessed this coworker on multiple occasions offer gas money, pay for her lunch, etc as a thank you. She always declined with “I going that way anyway :)”, until one day coworker pissed her off so she ran around telling everyone that coworker was a mooch and never once paid gas money. Everything she did was transactional, nothing was altruistic.

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I don have a cool stance for it yet. I working on it.” “It about me becoming more comfortable with what Nine Inch Nails is, and referencing the past hopefully without feeling like inauthentic nostalgia.”Atticus: “I think Nine Inch Nails is in a luxurious position in terms of moving forward. Because I don think here a desperation to have a hit record.

On this window, enter your Windows Live username and password, which you use for accessing your Windows Live SkyDrive storage space. When the SkyDrive dashboard opens, select the OneNote folder you had uploaded, and click the “Download” button from the top menu bar. All the notes you had uploaded on the SkyDrive will be copied to your iPhone as well.

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