In a statement Monday, UM James said he was of Arkansas State position on this matter. We believe strongly in our standing and will not comment further as both parties attorneys bring this to resolution. Also pulled out of a volleyball game at Temple and canceled two home soccer matches and a home cross country meet.

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Survived, here we are, and I say because all 5 of us out on the truck lived which is pretty rare with that type of IED, Ferguson said. Silver linings to anything, you can find something, and even if you can somebody had it worse. So stop complaining.

Did a great job for us. They a great group of people, Ward said. Just did what we felt was best for the franchise. It was funny because that piece of equipment caught everything thrown its way against Ole Miss. The junior had 274 yards a school record he broke early in the third quarter. It was also that third quarter catch that obliterated the Alabama mark for touchdowns he already passed before halftime..

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