There are approximately 325 million living of US, and about 30% are white males. This means that white males are about 97 million. Clearly there a lot of white males who are not involved with terrorist attacks. How Woodman placed herself in the images; blurred, her face covered or with her back to the camera, using masks or literally being devoured by the space Woodman is always hiding yet by using the camera she is exposing herself. Woodman’s images are never (or never appear to be) spontaneous, every image is staged and controlled. Sean O’Hagen wrote in “The Observer” in 2010 that Woodman was; “playing with themes of identity and with the role that photography, and in particular portrait photography, can play in constructing a fixed and therefore false identity.” All the images that Woodman took were a kind of performance and the camera in the image, although it cannot be physically seen, always has its presence felt.

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