Later on, in the chapter « All Fired Up, » Quasimodo does this to Dominic, his old Pokemon Trainer, for abusing him constantly. This is complete with a Hunchback reference and a parody of « Burn. » Catch Phrase: Drac’s « Snapgacklers! » note Or, as he says it, « Thanpgacklerth! » Character Tics: Whenever he harms another Pokemon, Quasimodo has been known to nervously stutter and apologize to that Pokemon. Charity Motivation Song: Quasimodo’s cover of « Somewhere Over the Rainbow. » It’s even described by Frollo as the « ultimate funeral procession and charity donation » song. Chekhov’s Gun: You know Clopin’s obsession with the song « Court of Miracles » he develops in the first episode? Yeah, you know how he uses it now. (In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s his battle style.) Chekhov’s Skill: Clopin’s knowledge of PokeLatin. Conlang: The language of PokeLatin was created specifically for this fanfic. Ro sois d (It is insane!) note roh swa diezh ryezh To be more specific, archaic PokeLatin had a specific grammatical style that was not like English. Not only was there conjugation for every verb, but there used to be a « you » plural the word « vok. » (Derived from the French vous.) Cosmic Keystone: The seven known virtues: kindness (Quasimodo), fun (Clopin), honor (Frollo), loyalty (Phoebus), tolerance (Esmeralda), intelligence (Tesla), and dedication (Rocky) are these. The seven Pokemon that Kaylie owns are the chosen ones. There are fourteen total virtues, but only 7 are known. The Cover Changes the Meaning: The cover of « Out There. » The original expressed Quasi’s desire to leave Notre Dame; the cover expresses his namesake’s desire to see the other regions of the Pokemon world. Cloudcuckoolander: Clopin. He’s so much of this that his Designer Replica Handbags battle style involves singing « Court of Miracles. » Crowd Song: D (IN SA NI TY!) note You know it better as « Topsy Turvy. » Dark and Troubled Past: Kaylie’s father died from cancer when she was just five. She wasn’t able to fully come to terms with her father’s death until her Pokemon helped put together the Medela City cancer fund. Esmeralda also had this: she was horrendously bullied due to her being born with a swollen leg, so she took to the Graswinemodo Tower for sanctuary and stayed there for 2 months until Kaylie caught her. Death Glare: Plenty. They’re mainly done by either Esme or Frollo. Despair Event Horizon: At the end of the chapter « Do You Hear the Furfrou Sing? » Despite their best efforts, Clopin and Couafeyrak fail to bring a Kalosian school to Feluv. This conversation ensues: Clopin (desperately trying to keep it together and practically forcing a smile into his face): Oh, well. Look on the bright side. At least. we got to inspire a few people. ( he is now completely broken, and looks down at the floor in despair) But now. we failed. and there’s nothing else we can do about it, is there, mok am?

Replica Handbags Most things said by Xelloss in Slayers is technically true in manner in which he phrased it, though not always in the manner in which the listener chooses to hear it. For example, he introduces himself as « Xelloss, the mysterious priest! » After that statement, the « mysterious » part is in no way questioned. As to « priest », in the mazoku hierarchy Xelloss’ rank is actually « priest ». Mazoku Lords are typically served by a priest and a general. Xelloss claims the former title although he is the sole representative of his Lord. He is using Exact Words to tell people that he is one of the top ten mazoku in the entire world in terms of power. Played for laughs when it turns out Gourry actually got this, and thought it was so obvious he assumed that everyone did. Replica Handbags

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