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Methods of Backup: 1) OS based Backup Software (typically backs up to the Primary Hard Drive) 2) Hardware Based Backup a) RAID or similar (prevents from single or multiple disk failures b) Network Backup device (saves data to a location (either HD or otherwise) which is not located on the same computer as the data itself) 3) Burn to Disc method cheap air force (perform regular scheduled backups to a CD or DVD and then store this disc(s) in a safe location (fireproof safe if available)). 4) cheap jordans free shipping Online Data Backup (Paid Service such as Cryptonite, Cloud based storage, ISP provided storage, web based FTP or similar, etc). Each of these options have their strong points and weak points and each individual much choose the level of protection that they deem necessary as well as staying within whatever budget they have available for such an endeuvour, and all while understanding their own level of computer/technical expertise.