But this book is not only a vivid account of infanticide revealed; it is also a riveting medical detective story. That journal article had legitimized the deaths of the last two babies by theorizing a cause for the mystery of SIDS, suggesting it could be predicted and prevented, and fostering the presumption that SIDS runs in families. More than two decades of multimillion dollar studies have failed to confirm any of these widely accepted premises.

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Our National LED conversion programme, UJALA, is the world’s largest efficient lighting programme. As of January 18, 2018, over 28.5 Handbags Replica crores LED bulbs have been distributed under UJALA, which have resulted in savings of over 37 million KWh energy,?15 crores, and 3 crore tons of CO2per year. The failure rate of these LED bulbs is only 0.48%! Even UK and Malaysia have entered into a joint venture with India.

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