In my view, not all the cartoons fall into the inappropriate or racist category, but one or two certainly do. That’s where the problem lies, and it is for those cartoons in particular that the newspapers should apologize. In countries where any group of people are a minority (and whether their lack of integration into their societies is their fault or the fault of the governments or the local populations is irrelevant), is it incumbent upon the media to exercise caution when it comes to perpetuating stereotypes or when it comes to racist words and images? In America, we certainly think so. Surely in a country where most of its Muslims are law abiding citizens and who pose no threat to fellow Danes, an illustration of the founder of Islam as a suicide bomber/terrorist has the capacity to be harmful. That illustration is not merely about satirizing religion as some have claimed; it feeds the stereotype of all Muslims as potential terrorists. The debate now centers on whether Muslims are taking the issue too far or whether there is a fundamental clash between western values of free speech and Islamic values of reverence for their faith; lost in the debate is the issue of why a newspaper in a liberal northern European country would feel comfortable with publishing at least some material that is clearly harmful to a minority group in its country. (It is patronizing for non Muslims to tell Muslims how they should feel about something or whether they should feel persecuted or not, as some in the European media have. Even Muslims have a sense of humor, but if they feel that they are often portrayed negatively in the West, then let’s accept that that’s how they feel.)

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