After Action Healing Drama: The story starts out with Shinji keeping watch over a comatose Asuka after the battle against Tabris. In chapter 6, Rei gets hurt when she fights an Angel. After the battle, Shinji, Misato and Asuka waited on the hallway leading to her hospital room. Allergic to Evil: Her prolonged exposure to the Emerald Tablet inside Unit 02 causes Asuka to feel bouts of nausea, headache, and fatigue, as well as gradually worsening mood swings and general mental instability. She initially dismisses it as being symptoms associated with her period. Almost Kiss: Shinji and Asuka almost kiss in the Eva cages before the Final Battle, but Misato ruins the moment. Always Second Best: Hikari knows that she’ll always be second fiddle to Asuka and she’s accepted it readily. Amazon Chaser: Shinji is drawn to Asuka among other reasons because she’s a strong willed badass. Ancient Conspiracy: SEELE has been plotting the end of mankind for decades, and even after being defeated, Keel is determined to carry out his scheme one way or another. And Your Little Dog, Too!: Kluge manages to do this twice to Nakayima. Not content with browbeating him into obeying by just threatening to hurt Miko, which did plenty to intimidate him on its own, Kluge decides to also casually threaten to go after Keiko. Apologises a Lot: Shinji keeps doing this and his habit keeps driving Asuka crazy. In chapter 9:Asuka: Why does everything have to take so long with you, Third Child?Asuka: Dammit, don’t do that. Nobody could be so dense.

wholesale replica designer handbags All lowercase letters: The game’s title is written this way on its Kongregate page. Bittersweet Ending: Thanks to the Merged Reality, the Visitor is able to get everyone out of the building alive. However, Christina goes back into the Tempest Machine to try to save her mother, believing that there is no reality where her mother and her love, Steve, can both survive. In addition, countless alternate versions of the characters had to be sacrificed or continue on in their universe without any knowledge of what happened. Chekhov’s Gun: « TEMPEST engaged. » Christina: Steve? Why are you here? I thought you’d gone home. » Turns out she lit the fire not knowing Steve, her lover, was still there. Cliffhanger: If Troy and Lionel are the only people left alive, Troy finally appears willing to explain all the weird stuff he’s been saying, and drops a Wham Line right before the chat cuts out. If you want him to give you the full explanation, you need to spare him. Color Coded Characters: Each of the characters has a color to match their handle. Steve: Light Green Christina: Orange Red Troy: Grey White Lionel: Lavender Visitor: Rock Blue Controllable Helplessness: The Bad Endings, where you are forced to sit there and watch as Christina and Lionel burn to death. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Lionel wastes no time in trying to bribe you to let him live, and his cold dedication to the company resulted in the mutilation of a scientist’s body, which is what provoked her daughter to light the fire. Downplayed, in that he’s also the most cool headed of the four employees and never shows any actual malice nor does he get upset with you in the bad endings, where his death is inevitable. Deadpan Snarker: Lionel is usually quite professional, but he can get rather snarky. If a choice between saving him or Troy is coming up, he chimes in after Troy’s request to die with something like « I agree; Designer Replica Handbags please spare me. » And then, in his ending:Lionel: Our true interest here is time travel. wholesale replica designer handbags

Designer Replica Bags This is related to Law of Conservation of Detail. The lack of other faiths doesn’t particularly break Willing Suspension of Disbelief, so why bother? Having said that, it’s inherently unrealistic; our planet has seven or ten major religions in the modern day alone (some founded individually and others spun off from existing ones), and other religions have come to prominence and since died out. But no one ever questions this when it happens, making it either an Acceptable Break from Reality or something too controversial to touch with a ten foot pole. It is most justified in works where much more is known about the spiritual world than in Real Life, and there’s lots of evidence to back it up to the point that not believing in this faith would make one a Flat Earth Atheist (though that still doesn’t explain the lack of factions; there is no hair so fine that people won’t try to split it). Designer Replica Bags

cheap replica handbags In Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) the main character is recklessly driving a Shelby GT500 (nicknamed Eleanor), performing insane stunts and crazy maneuvers in order to get the police off his tail. He eventually manages to do so, and hides in an empty road. But just as a cop car shows up and he wants to inconspicuously get away, he accidentally breaks a sideview mirror and Eleanor’s engine dies. He repeatedly tries to start it up (attracting the cop’s attention), and when he eventually does the chase resumes with renewed vigor. In the same movie, after the original Eleanor gets destroyed, the main character’s friends give him a (mostly) restored Eleanor as a present. He drives off with it, but as the screen fades out we hear the engine die again cheap replica handbags.