I think the « will ruin all of larping » statement was in regards to the precedent that this case could set for all foam weaponry moving forward. If one person is able to secure a patent on a piece of foam weaponry that has existed prior for 20 30 years, and can require you to license/franchise with them if you want to sell the arrows, that is very disheartening for the creation of ANY foam weaponry moving forward. What worse is that Archery Tag requires you to be licensed with them to sell the arrows, but then also REQUIRES that those arrows EXCLUSIVELY be used for the game called « Archery Tag, » which is like paintball, but with bows and foam arrows.

I feel like she had to tell herself it was all powerplays and manipulations because she literally has no other fucking concept of how to interact with people. I just. I just love my disaster first witch and want her to have a chance to heal and be a powerful badass.

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And guys, i literally have like 5 drafts ready to be posted dear god help meThe hospital room door bursts open and there stands your boyfriend, Kuroo, panting heavily and a bouquet of flowers in hand. Can believe you. You chuckle, scrunching up your nose to tease him.

The EOD Warrior Foundation awards approximately 10 percent of its annual budget to the scholarship program, with scholarships typically ranging from $750 to $5,000. In 2016, the EOD Warrior Foundation awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to 109 recipients. Here are 5 important things to know about the scholarship program:The program is designed to honor the EOD family sacrifice and to help ease the financial burden on the EOD family.

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The couple had been stuck in Mexico after fleeing martial law and political uncertainty in Marina native Ukraine in eastern Europe. The pair had met while Mark, a former Canadian soldier, had been travelling abroad, and they married in June 2017. The two were in no rush to leave, but that changed as things got heated up after Russia, which had seized parts of Ukraine and supported military rebels in the country east, fired on and seized Ukrainian ships and torqued up its rhetoric.