This leads to a cluttered Notification Centre and a greater chance of missing messages. With iOS 12, you have more control over notifications, which allows you to reduce spam and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important. Here’s everything you need to know about managing notifications on iOS 12..

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One key issue, sources say, involves the controversial investor state clause that allows private firms to sue governments if they feel they have been unfairly thwarted in their operations. Companies, which are notoriously more litigious than those in Canada. Firms would be able to piggy back on CETA to sue in Europe through their Canadian subsidiaries.

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Making Massage AccessibleWhen the average person hears massage mentioned, the first images that usually come to his or her mind are of what we would call the Swedish modality: on a table, with oil or lotion for lubrication, professionally draped with a sheet so that only the body part being worked on is exposed, perhaps with a blanket for warmth. S/he might envision a 50 minute session filled with long, gliding strokes, soft music playing in the background, and an overall atmosphere of calm and relaxation. All this is true.

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