Now take this reasoning to the extreme: Imagine you have a twin sister who is bravely traveling toward a black hole’s event horizon the point at which spacetime is so warped that not even light can escape the black hole’s gravity. As she gets closer to the event horizon, spacetime becomes increasingly warped, gravity increases and time slows down. Assuming her spaceship has enough fuel, she pulls out before reaching the event horizon and zooms back to Earth.

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beach dresses And please, do not comment on another post intentionally spoiling something for someone who wasn asking for it. Failing to honor in these simple requests will result in a ban. However, in this particular thread, anything goes (regarding spoilers). Where do you plan to observe and where do you live? As I stated above, if you in the city you pretty much screwed if you want to observe deep sky objects (trust me, you will), and the suburbs still aren optimal. If you live in a house, you can store a large scope and haul it to dark skies when you wish. If you live in an apartment with limited space, you obviously will need something that stores relatively compactly both because a) you may need to bring it down the elevator/stairs and b) you have limited room in your apartment beach dresses.