Also, the point of this post was not to say « there is no difference », but rather that somehow 100k Fusings is still insufficient to show a statistical difference cheap nfl jerseys, which, a priori, I would hope for, given u/slipperyjim8 new carpel tunnel. Either way, I think my comment has sparked way more of an interesting discussion on /r/pathofexile than I expected or has been in a while, so that a fine result in and of itself :)Would you say that the sample size is small in this case? I know 100K fusings were used, but we were not testing the result of the probability of a 6L per fusing used, but instead the number of fusings per 6L. I know that these 2 things basically conclude the same thing cheap jerseys, but from a statistics point of view, is this viewed as 2 different significance tests? I don have a PhD in stats but it seems to me here that our sample size was only 34 and 42, and would that be sufficient to conclude statistical significance?I am in no way disputing the results, just curious whether such a study done in this way would hold up in the academic world given the way it was conducted and presented and the seemingly small sample size.I think the seemingly small sample size also contributed to the insignificant p values? Do you agree?Yup, that exactly correct.

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