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I remember the Andrew Tate controversy. It was about a year ago now, after an anituber best replica bags (I forget who now) responded to him. Since his Twitter was still up I was best replica designer able to read several of his other tweets out of morbid curiosity. They mistakenly think a change in their theology is a compromise of their beliefs.They remind me of the stubborn Protestant preachers during the days of the Civil War. Many of the white, southern preachers proclaimed to their death their mistaken belief that slavery was ordained by God.Slavery was never ordained by God and, as an erroneous belief, it could never be defended.For 21st century churches today to defend narrow minded beliefs as “absolutes” shared by God himself is to adopt a similar path that leads to a similar end. No, there won’t be another war over such beliefs, I don’t think.Instead, what will happen is what we see happening all around us today.

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Finally, I take offense at the first part of your post, simply because you assuming that I hate diversity because I prefer having consistent game design. There can be plenty buy replica bags of unique abilities that do crazy and cool things in the game (and there are). However, taking the set of in universe rules that were made for the sake of consistency and breaking them for the sake of balance makes players frustrated when learning the game due to the necessity to encounter the exception in game and memorize it as an exception to a rule they already accepted as fact.