Asshole Victim: In the first verse « Polterguest, my Polterguest », the narrator claims such exasperation as to tempt him to throw the bitch under a train. In the last verse, we learn that he has already tried, unsuccessfully, to drown her. Double Subverted with Pinball Pete in A Tale of the Thirteenth Floor. A man comes to the hotel where Pete resides, seeking revenge for one of the many women Pete has ruined. The lift operator attempts to persuade him that murder, even of a man like Pete, is not worth the price, and succeeds then admits that he’s already murdered Pinball Pete himself. « You see I had a daughter, too. » Bears are Bad News: Isabel’s first foe in « The Adventures of Isabel » is a hungry bear who tries to eat her (only to have the tables turned on him.) But Liquor Is Quicker: « Reflections on Ice Breaking » is the Trope Namer. Ceiling Banger:We might love the people upstairs wonderous

high quality designer replica handbags Funny Background Event: After being knocked out, the characters can be seen doing something in the background. Strong Bad goes to play an arcade game (Bluster Blaster, the sentient arcade machine from the Sam Max games), the Heavy sits at a nearby table and watches the game, Tycho goes to the bar, and Max. aimlessly wonders around the Inventory, as he tends to do in the Sam Max games. Sometimes you can catch him gnawing on the stair handrails; sometimes he’ll return but only his ears will be poking above the table. If Max is knocked out after Strong Bad, he goes to join him at the Bluster Blaster machine. If you win the game, the dramatic pans around the room reveal that Bluster Blaster has the « Insert Coin(s) » display even when Strong Bad is playing it. Graceful Loser: Max, Heavy and Tycho all compliment you for winning the tournament if they’re the final opponent. Gretzky Has the Ball: Max doesn’t even seem to know he’s playing poker, let alone how to play it. »Congratulations! That was the hairiest game of Hearts I’ve ever played! » high quality designer replica handbags

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