It was a five bedroom place with a swimming pool! I put the house on at 485,000 and the land for 185,000 on top, I’d sold it within three weeks.The young entrepreneur says his website has already sold 100million worth of homes and its success has meant him delaying his university career’I was standing in the school playground and got an e mail on my mobile from the vendor to say he’d accepted the combined 670,000 offer I’d got for him and that I was a “legend, an absolute star”. That was a sensational moment, the vendor was chuffed, I was just thrilled.’I’d proved what I said I’d do, I’d sold a house for 99, but I couldn’t go out and celebrate, I had to go home and revise for my exams. I got a Domino’s pizza in as a treat.’Despite the success he is yet to cash in personally.He said: ‘At first I paid myself 500 a month, things are going quite well now so I’ve upped that to 1,000 a month.

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