Case in point: ESPN is on constant rotation in my house. So thank god we have two televisions: Jay has the living room TV, and I have the bedroom TV. Every minute of the day that he’s home, his TV is either tuned to SportsCenter or whatever local game is on.

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But he hated to lose more than anything in the world, and treated every at bat like his life was on the line, so fans adored him. I adored him. This despite knowing full well he was an ass. Sev holds up a hand. « Yes, I am aware of your current gulf of differences between you and Kai. » Apparently he saw that look. « But, she did point me in your direction.

He may be subpoenaed to testify in other USADA hearings. And there was more than a hint of defiance in the recent photo he posted on Twitter. The photo showed Armstrong lying on a couch in his home, with his seven Tour de France winners’ jerseys displayed above him.

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