Right now you resorting to ad hominem tactics. Doesn surprise me as all you used were all sophistry, I evaluated by now you not worthy of my valuable time.I realised that something in your last post actually makes sense. I am, in fact, vastly superior to you.Good luck to you, my brother.I hope that one day the light sill shine bright to you.If a player doesn press the battle button within this minute he will lose.If both players don press the battle button within this minute one of the players who fallen the round will be randomly selected for another chance.Therefore you get the very minimum of 8 minutes per round, even though if implemented I think it will probably be 9 minutes per round since 1 minute to select your deck and press the battle button is quite minimal to say the least.This would mean a small tournament of 16 players will take 32 minutes (probably more) in case of BO1.

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