All CGI Cartoon: Surprisingly animated via Toon Boom Harmony of all animation softwares, and it’s very noticeable. All Love Is Unrequited: Birch for Raffi, and, seemingly, Liam for Sandra. Alpha Bitch: Amelia. Ambiguously Gay: Raffi. Ambiguously Brown: here Raffi again, though he has a Hispanic surname. Mr. Towes, though he might be black. Animesque: So much, it’s basically a wannabe anime in Toon Boom. As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Birch’s manga idol, Miyazaki Lee. That’s two surnames in different languages. Blush Sticker: Everyone in this series is blushing all the time. All the time. Brief Accent Imitation: Mr. Towes does this quite a bit, just for fun. Canis Latinicus: “Agnosco” is Latin for “I understand”, not “Do you understand?”. The Cheerleader: Amelia is one of these. Color Coded for Your Convenience: Birch’s color palette is mostly violet; Liam’s is green; Sandra’s, orange; Raffi’s, blue. Cool Teacher: Mr. Towes. Creator Cameo: The three fangirls who are following Raffi all the time? They are apparently modeled after the creators of the show. Cross Popping Veins: Used just about every time anyone gets angry. Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: If someone from the main cast has a love interest outside of their group, that person usually is mentioned only in that one episode, and then never again. Made odder by both that they usually get the love interest and that the interest remains an extra (and so will share any general dislike of the main character that occurs). Dean Bitterman: Principal Lemon. A Dog Named “Dog”: Neko the cat. Enforced Trope: In an MST video, riffing group Boring Trousers talk about how the Power of Friendship theme is forced upon the main characters of My Life Me:Snix: Why do they hang out with that orange chick if all they ever do is fight with her?

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