Sadly, it is not always at my disposal. And the oddest thing about it is that I often know there is a word for the concept I am trying to convey and I know that I know that word, but I cannot figure out where I left it, cannot figure out what the word is even though I swear it on the tip of my tongue.The number of times I have to use a thesaurus on any given day while I writing just to look up words I know but can remember is embarrassing.And then is one more problem that makes communication difficult for us. And I remember the word for that very well.The word is, it fouls up our communications by sidetracking conversations and destroying relationships and associations, romances, liaisons, any kind of rapport that we might establish with others can be destroyed in an instant by us saying something that was not thought out in advance.All this bit of this causes us to have communication problems.And we have only one recourse, and that is to deal with the shortfall of communication in our lives.

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