« A hobbyist would love this garage, » Crighton said.Ford owned Ford Contracting, which specialized in creating the facades of hotels, such as Caesars Palace, the Luxor, the Venetian and the Silverton.This house reflects his skill in creating faux finishes, including the master bath’s Venetian plaster and custom stained glass surrounding the elevated spa tub.The property includes two small houses built in the 1950s that were used as employee housing, sized 1,884 and 2,236 square feet each; and a 1970s built 3,226 square foot, four bedroom guest house with a basement at 3380 E. Russell.Ford pieced together five parcels to create one of the largest horse ranches in the area, which is fully gated around the street, and with a 6 foot cement wall separating it from residences to the north. A series of white vinyl fences create spaces to run the horses, and there is a full arena.It features three barns with 20 stalls with turnouts.

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