The storyteller has always got to explain things before he answers your questions. Even the simplest questions that should require only a yes or no answer come with a long and convoluted story. For example, if you were to ask, “Have you ever been evicted?” instead of a yes or no answer, you are like to get a response such as, “You see there was this time when my roommate”.

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The 1981 draft is a decidedly more cynical take on the story, with almost none of the finished film’s humor. For Zemeckis and Gale, modern life is like hell on earth, a bitter wasteland of broken dreams, boarded up storefronts, and looming nuclear holocaust. If time travel hadn’t entered into the plot, we think the story probably would have ended in mass suicide..

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Turn off your email. Your email is distracting! Many of us spend way too much of our workday simply clearing out or filtering emails. In fact, research found that workers spend an average of 7.4 hours per weekday on email. It stays with you after your pitiful attempt at cleansing yourself in the shower. It doesn’t come off. It stays with you at night, in your bed and in your dreams of pigs impaling men on sticks for their hubris.

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Delhi is a paradise for food connoisseurs. There are plenty of restaurants and eating outlets spread across the city catering to the tangling buds of those craving for delicious food. The national capital offers an exclusive choice of both international and Indian cuisines in diverse ambiances to befit budgets of all types.

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